Employee Benefits

Corporate Benefit Design has 30 years of experience in providing analysis, design, recommendations, and implementation of employee benefits. We have significant expertise designing and installing Group Health plans, Qualified plans, Non-Qualified Deferred Compensation plans, Group STD, Group LTD, Disability Carve Out, Group Dental, Vision Care, Group Rx, Group Life, Supplemental Life, and other plan designs.

Since 1981, Corporate Benefit Design has provided analysis, design, recommendations and implementation in regard to every kind of Group Benefit plan. Prior to making recommendations, a Cost/Benefit analysis is made by Corporate Benefit Design and compared to the available and desired funding options.

Our analysis considers existing and projected annual claims experience. Group Health options considered include the potential cost advantages of self-insured, minimum premium and fully insured designs. Once the plan is installed, Corporate Benefit Design monitors the plan in regard to claims experience and negotiates on our clients' behalf as to the insurance company's charges or rates for each and every year in the future.

Health Insurance

Corporate Benefit Design provides self-funded health plans to companies ranging from 5 to 10’s of thousands of employees. We utilize our exclusive network of partners to offer transparency and add value through our cost containment methods. Our typical client experiences significant savings with the goal of decreasing their health care spend by 50% over the next 5 years. Our health plan consultative work changes the status quo in both cost and benefits to the health plan members.

Health Plan Mission Statement

Corporate Benefit Design specializes in maximizing the employee healthcare experience while also materially reducing costs.  This is accomplished by diligent plan design, empowering our clients to make meaningful decisions with their own data, utilizing technology to engage with their employees, and enlightening the employee populace to fully utilize their health plan at maximum efficiency.

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Qualified Plans - Corporate Benefit Design can assist you in implementing qualified plans such as §401(k), Defined Benefit plans, Profit Sharing plans, or a blend of these plans. Our recommendations consider cash flow, income, age, number of participants, and the retirement objectives of the participants. Our plan designs especially consider the intent of the key employees and owners.

In regard to 401(k), Defined Benefit and Profit Sharing plans, Corporate Benefit Design utilizes Interactive Systems such as Daily Valuation, 1-800 Voice Response, Internet Connectivity, Participant Pin Numbers, Self-Directed Accounts, Fiduciary Warranty Protection, Life Style Accounts, and Participant "Guaranteed Income for Life" Accounts.

Non-Qualified Deferred Compensation Plans - Corporate Benefit Design provides analysis, design, recommendations, and implementation in regard to Supplemental Employee Retirement Plans (SERP), Non-Qualified Deferred Compensation plans (NQDC), and Employer Sponsored Fee Based Financial Plans. These plans usually provide benefits in excess of §415 limitations and must be for a select group of participants.

Estate & Financial Planning

Estate and Retirement Planning Concepts - CBD Financial has performed analysis, made recommendations, and provided assistance in implementing sophisticated estate planning concepts and designs since 1981.

Estate planning concepts include Wills, Revocable and Irrevocable Trusts, Family Partnerships, Family Corporations, Foundations, GRAT's, CRT's and other sophisticated designs.

Investment Planning - CBD Financial makes available a Fee Based and/or an Asset Based qualitative investment analysis process.

Before recommending an investment strategy we can utilize proprietary and nonproprietary financial models to review and illustrate our clients' current investment position(s). We then take the time to understand and consider our clients' objectives. Prior to making recommendations, thought is given to our clients age, timeline, financial goals, financial discipline, income needs, net worth objective, existing debt environment, risk tolerance, existing estate planning objectives, and past investment experience.

With our clients' input, their current investment position is compared against several possible alternative investment allocation models. CBD Financial then creates a comfortable, custom, investment strategy to fit our clients' needs and goals. It is through this process that investment options are identified, weighed, carefully considered, and recommended. CBD Financials' recommendations usually utilize longer investment time horizons. These investment positions are normally relatively liquid and can be monitored on a daily basis.

Life Insurance/Disability Income/Long Term Care Planning

Following a thorough fact-finding process of current and future needs, CBD Financial provides and implements recommendations to our clients.

Life Insurance - CBD Financial has the ability to represent the majority of carriers in the industry. From simple term insurance needs through sophisticated estate and retirement planning permanent insurance solutions, our experts can assist you with the plan design you need.

Disability Income - For most clients, their ability to work well into their 60's in their specific profession represents their family's largest financial asset. Protecting that asset at some affordable level is a part of any strong finacial planning work.

Long Term Care Planning - As our population ages and people are living longer into retirement, the need for long term care, either in a home-based setting or in a facility, has increased dramatically. It's estimated that the odds of needing some form of long term care in your lifetime is 50% for an individual or 70% for one of two people in a couple. The government has realized the need for long term care planning and has incentivized business owners to utilize qualified long term care insurance programs through significant tax deductions. A CBD Financial representative can work with you to review your long term care plan or help you in putting one together.

Business Planning

Buy Sell Agreements - Corporate Benefit Design assists in the analysis, design, recommendation, funding, and implementation of Buy Sell Agreements.

Buy Sell Agreements determine the method of transfer of a business interest in the event of sale, death, disability, criminal activity, bankruptcy, or divorce. These Agreements are applicable to the transfer of interests in Partnerships, Family Partnerships, Corporations, and Family Corporations.

The design of Buy Sell Agreements differ greatly predicated on circumstances such as involvement of family members, non working limited partners, and predetermined restrictions.

Key Person Planning - Decisions made, and actions taken, by Key Employees are critical to the success of business. Death or disability of a decision maker can be devastating. Key Person life insurance provides cash, which can reconfirm business commitments and promise comfort to Bankers, Suppliers, Employees, Clients, and Potential Purchasers.

Business Exit Strategies - Most of us will sell some or all of our businesses. We may sell to a partner, a family member, or even to a friend. However, usually we sell to a third party. Through strategic alliances with well-known Investment Bankers, Law Firms, and Accounting firms specializing in Mergers and Acquisitions, Corporate Benefit Design has successfully offered M&A advisory services for ten years.